Praise the kid!The Top 20 praise phrases you need to remember!

Keep up the good work!
Keep up the good work!
Keep up the good job!

My constant dispute with my mother is that she rarely praises me or something I did. Her exact words still echo in my mind “Mothers are made to tell what’s wrong so that you’ll get better”. She still hasn’t convinced me. What I have been convinced of is that I will try to praise my kids as often as I can. And what I think is important is the praise is real and accurate. Still, I find some phrases that can catch up to several occasions and share them with you.

1.Thank you for letting me know

2. I believe in you

3. I trust you

4 .I like to see you playing this sport

5. I like to see you enjoying this game

6. What a great idea!

7. I like your question

8. If you really want it, you can try and do it

9. Keep up the good work

10. No matter the outcome, I am glad you tried.

11. I like your creativity

12. What you did was  brave

13. What you did was very noble

14. I am proud of you

15.You are an excellent helper

16. You mean so much to me

17. You made a good decision

18. It’s OK. We all make mistakes.

19. You are a good friend to…

20. I love you!

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Sleeping times!



Children and parents,everybody needs some time to rest.
Today,I’d like to get you more involved and sharpen your mind.
Let’s take a survey quiz :
1. What time must you get up in the weekdays/working days?
2.How many hours do you want to sleep?
3.How much time free for yourself do you want after the kids have slept?
4.What time do you usually sleep ?
5.What time do you think your child should sleep?
6. What time do you realistically want your child to sleep?
7. What time does your child ACTUALLY go to sleep?

The result (2-1)= is the time you should go to sleep
The result 3-(2-1)= is the latest time your child should sleep
Does this has any relation to #5,#6 or even close to #7?

For me #1 is 7.30
#2 is 7 hours
#3 is 2 hours
#4 is usually 1.00
#5 is 9.00
#6 is 9.30-10.00
#7 is 10.30
That means I should sleep at about 0.30
and my children should sleep at 10.30, which leaves me with 2 hours free time
But I rarely sleep at 0.30,so I’d better do something about

What about you? Does your optimal schedule fit your everyday plans? I sure hope you do, and would like to listen how you do it!

I also hope you didn’t find all the math too confusing!