10+ Fun things to do with kids!




kids play
Playing in the house!

It’s raining…it’s pouring…My life seems so boring…The kids don’t know what to do, and wait for me too..

So I thought some things that are fun (at least for us ) to do, without getting out of the house. Share your ideas with us, as the rainy days are always boring and new fun ideas are always welcome!



1.Play dough. Use a mat on the floor so that it will be easier to clean afterwards

2.Paint or draw together. Use many styles of paint, brushes, and use clothes that you will not mind if they get dirty.

3.Create a fortress in your living room with pillows and blankets. Decide in the beginning that you will all help to tide up the house in the end

4.Play board games. Make sure you include games suitable for your kids’ age.

5.Rent a DVD and  make popcorn ( and other junk food)

6.Play card games (UNO is my favorite, and there are many more to choose)

7.Bake cookies. In the first times you might fail and overbake them or something like that, but in the end, you’ll get there)

8.Make a science experiment (one of my favorites, not my husband’s after he sees the mess we’ve made)

9.Listen to music and dance (involve a disco lamp to make it more impressing)

10. Blow bubbles (in the shower preferably, because you will make the living room a mess, and outside remember it’s raining!)

11.Play during the bubble bath (My kids favorite; we listen to music and use songs to count the time until they are done)

12. Build stuff with Lego (although I am not very fond and patient in building stuff)

13.Create a family book, with photos, diary information (This will make memories for years to remember)

14.Make homemade pizza; everyone gets to decorate his own pizza (some kids will try strange things)

15. Make a movie, using a funny story.(I am sure you will have fun watching it even after many years)

I am sure that you all have more fun ideas, and please share, because when you are bored you can’t think of them unless you have written them somewhere like here!

Obstacles in Communication

As mentioned in my previous post /about-communication/, our communication with the children can be passive or active. In order to be effective, we need to recognise the obstacles that we may face during our efforts. And after the recognition, we must try to get over them. Here some of them, that also apply for our communication among adults, but are even more important when we try to communicate with children.

1.Orders :“Mommy said you must do X,and there is no other way!”

big waves
When the tide is high…communication blocks

This kind of communication imposes the child with the view, that his needs or feelings are not important.

2.Threats : “If you don’t act like this, I will punish you!” This kind of communication does not give the child the opportunity to answer or say his opinion, and may lead to guilt or anger

3.Labeling : “Oh, you are so stupid,so fat,so…” And,thus, the child may get trapped within the character we create for him and may not react

4.Interrogation :“Tell me Right Now..Don’t tell me lies..” This kind of approach, doesn’t bring trust within the parent and the child, and the child tries to defend himself and not communicate

5.Interpretation : “I am sure I know what you mean…”This attitude does not help the child tell how he feels or what he means, because the parent already doesn’t want to listen.

When we are eager, sincere and want to listen better than be listened we give the child the opportunity to communicate effectively.Our main goal should be to help the child trust us and tell us his true feelings, so that we may help him with a problem and maintain our good relationship for the years to come.

What do you think? What would you add as obstacle of communication? I am glad to hear your thoughts!