30 ideas to cope with the summer in the city

Summer is finally here! School is over! Great for kids; but not necessarily for parents who work throughout summer. Summer in the hot city can be tiring and you cannot always let children play with technology and dive into TV.

park time!
Kids play in the park

What can we do to help them?Surely, you can

1.Make bubble soaps in the balcony

2. Go out for a bike ride.You can rent a bike if you don’t own one, or buy if your kid is into riding.

3.Go to the summer movie

4.Camp in the living room

5.Go for a walk in the center of the city on foot or by bus

6.Go to a park that you haven’t been before

7.If you have a BBQ, make often barbecue parties on the balcony

8.Play the game of a country day; one day is French day: eating croissant and profiteroles, another is Italian day with pasta and pizza etc

9.Make ice pops

10.Make pyjama parties inviting friends of the kids

11.Go to the city zoo (if there is one of course!)

12.Make your restaurant  menu and cook it

13.Make your blog and get your kids to contribute

14.Pick up stones and paint them

15.Gather photographs and create a family album

16.Invite friends for board games

17.Grow flowers; then you will have a daily routine of watering and taking care of them

18.Visit a nearby museum that you haven’t been to.

19.Try experiments with the kids

20.Find books that the kids like and want to read

21.Learn a new skill together

22.Find a (free) concert

23.Have breakfast in bed

24.Play with dough or clay

25.Rearrange the bed furniture

26.Write a story together

27.Build LEGO together

28.Role play with dolls

29.Clean out the toy box and donate the games kids don’t play anymore

30.Writing (or drawing) in a journal will give your child a head start on the old back-to-school question: What did you do on your summer vacation? Writing in a journal will not keep a child occupied for long periods while you work

What else do you think you can do these hot summer days?Share your ideas in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “30 ideas to cope with the summer in the city

  1. Very interesting ideas!

  2. There are many ideas that include eating;I hope we don’t get very fat!

    • Eat many fruits and vegetables!

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