8 things you must do after you hit the beach!

So,we got our bathing suits,our sunscreen and headed to the beach

(yes,I haven’t taken my holiday leave yet)

Ready for the beach!

Is it time to relax ?There are just some last  things to consider…

1.Basic necessities;except for sunscreen, be sure to bring

  • – a towel,hats,sunglasses, beach sandals, a sea matress and
  • – maybe an umbrella if the beach doesn’t offer one.
  • – Sand/swim toys for the kids to enjoy their leisure
  • – A bag for wet clothes and bathing suits may also come in handy

2.Beach paddles and flippers,as well as googles or diving masks for those who want to explore the sea

3.Use life vests. Whenever your kids are around the ocean, pool, lake, or another large water source, make sure they’re wearing life vests that fit properly. And be sure not to purchase inflatable vests — they can easily deflate or pop.

4.Stay near your child within an arm’s length and be observant. When your kids are near the water, stay close by and keep an eye out for big waves

5.Teach your child the four golden rules of water safety, too:

  1. Don’t go near the water without an adult
  2. Never dunk another child
  3. Don’t run on the dock or pool deck
  4. Always jump in feet first-protect your neck

6.Watch out for aquatic life – water plants and animals may be dangerous.Teach your child how to recognise a jellyfish, sea urchins or similar in your area.If you end up with a jellyfish sting on your body or your child’s, seek medical attention

7.Try to prefer organised beaches with lifeguard and

8. Remember to keep a small First Aid kit. Remember that kits should also be checked regularly and restocked if any items are damaged or are out of date.

Can you think of anything else to check before we lie down under the sun and relax?

Share your ideas in the comment section!

And of course, don’t forget to have FUN!!

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