Easter is here!

greek orthodox easter
Greek orthodox easter

Easter is here and we are celebrating for 15 days (if you have children who don’t go to school because it is closed)

This year it is somehow different, because there are a lot going on in my life . I will tell you all about it in my next post,as soon as things settle a bit down.

There are many things to do in order to have a good and creative time with your children.The Greek Orthodox Church has many services which you can attend with your children;this way you can explain to them what we are really celebrating.

For the days you will be staying home check out my previous post about Easter  and try to have some fun and as rest as you can afford in order to charge up your batteries!

And don’t forget; summer is near!

How will you spend your Easter vacations? Share your ideas and motivate us!


One thought on “Easter is here!

  1. It is really important for the parents to have also some days off, otherwise they will not have much fun! Our favorite is dying the eggs !

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