How to survive holidays with kids

Holidays have arrived! The days you have been longing for all winter are here!
You must forget all your worries from work and enjoy these days!


summer holidays
It’s summertime!

How prepared are you? The average family spends just one hour a day in each other’s company, so it’s a massive shock to be under “house arrest” with yours for a full 14-day stretch, however lush and tropical the vegetation!
The truth is that not every moment has to be magical. In order to achieve that you must lower your expectations; it’s summertime!
One thing you can do to ease the situation is to prepare your children.Tell them what you have in mind, why this is good. Ask them their opinion, without necessarily give in to all their expectations. Keeping them involved makes them interested in what you will do and give their consent.

Holidays begin with the journey. If you take the airplane, plan to arrive early at the airport, so as to avoid delay surprises.  Explain to the children that using a chewing gum can help them with the air pressure in the airplane. You can also pack game activities, puzzles, and coloring books in order to keep them busy during the flight.

Same rules apply also for the car trips.The chewing gum can help when we climb a mountain up or down and game activities and books can keep children occupied as long as they don’t get nausea in the car. In this case, you should tell them to look out of the window at a point in a distance. Furthermore, you can use DVD movies or tablets to entertain them. Another simple and cheap game is the  “I spot” game; you tell them to spot and count the white cars, or cars from a different country (from the initials on the sign on the plate). We did that last weekend and it was quite fun because during the summer we have many visitors from other countries here in Greece. Also keep in mind that you will need plenty of water and time for the toilet, which means that if you have a large trip, you should break it down into smaller segments.

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Keep it “not boring”. It is true that when you visit a new place it is usual to go sightseeing. Museums can be very boring if the child does not understand what is going on. Of course, it is not necessary to visit ALL the museums, while you could also include some places which are child-friendly. That may be a playhouse, or a playground, although you may find it a bit boring for yourself…

If you can afford it, try to stay in a hotel with kids activities, so that your kid will have something to do during the day, without nagging about doing nothing to you. It goes without saying that if you go to the sea you should buy them the necessary equipment for swimming and playing on the beach. Same rules apply in the mountains, where you will need the equivalent equipment. Also, bear in mind that some days the weather may not be the best possible, so take a look at my previous post, about fun things to do with kids

Last but not least, you should always bear in mind, that holidays are made to be fun and relaxing, so if you find some times yourself very tense and always organizing things, just give it a rest! And as the famous song says;”it’s summertime and the living is easy!

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