New thoughts for a new year!

Happy new Year!                                       

It seems to me a long time has passed since my last post, but the Christmas Holidays filled my daily program with many  many things! I hosted the Christmas Dinner in my house, with mothers, granmothers,brothers,my kids, my nephews, so I had to supersede myself. Luckily, all my experimental menus succeeded and everyone was happy. And in this experiment, cooking for the first time quail, partridge and guinea fowl I  almost left the children hungry; of course a pack of spaggetti always resolves such matters, as I think all kids eat pasta.

My thought at this time is :how many RETREATS must we parents make, in order to satisfy our children? Should we cook different meals for them? Should we go only to the places that they like? Or should we negotiate for our decisions? The godfather of my daughter, father of two boys himself, says that we live the CENTURY of PAIDIARCHY, forming the word like patriarchy; Back in the old days (at least here in Greece), it was the father who decided and asked no one. Now the child’s (paidi in Greek) opinion stands as the most important. Or not?

I am more of the negotiation phase, by discussing with the children (up to a point of course)

Where do you stand in this kind of dilemmas? 

How will you choose this year?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

One thought on “New thoughts for a new year!

  1. Don’t let the kids fool you!

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