New Year is coming!

Ho ho ho!

Christmas has already passed and the year is near its end. Have you made your resolutions?

Are your resolutions solutions to your problems?

It goes without saying that only a few percent of the new year’s resolutions come true. And why is that? Expectations : You expect to live in a perfect world where everyone will help you achieve your goals, where your children will happily obey to what you tell them.Most require time and energy; you don’t always have them both.

This year consider getting your kids in on the tradition. Not only can it be a valuable teaching moment about setting goals and sticking to them, but the practice of choosing an achievable resolution for the new year can be a fun way for kids to develop their communication and decision-making skills.

Remember that when it comes to resolutions, it’s important for parents to lead by example.Kids deserve the best version of their parents. In other words, your child is more likely to accomplish her resolution if she sees you sticking to your own goal (which can be tough!). And don’t be afraid to adjust your goals along the way if they’re becoming stale or—imagine!—you actually accomplish them. There’s value in teaching kids to follow through on a goal long-term, even if they need to tweak it along the way.

So how do you make a plan you can stick to? Keep it simple, and don’t plan on doing it for a full year. Also, introducing good habits may be more practical than eliminating bad ones completely.In this way you don’t think about how to avoid the bad habit, but just go with the good one

I haven’t made my resolutions yet;I have a short list on my mind…I must leave you now to go and write them down; I sure hope to see you a lot in the next year.So till then…

Happy New Year!

and may all you wishes come true!

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  1. One resolution for next year ;to read more!Thank you for all these years

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