“Oh you are so…..”

“Oh you are so….”    Complete the sentence with your own words

How many of you have not used it to Label your little one?

“You are lazy!”, “You are silly!”, “You are unorganised…”, “You are so impatient!”, ‘You are so stubborn!” and so many others LABELS

“I’ve told you over and over…You are so….”

Did you ever think that using Labels and characterizations for your children may lead them unintentionally to fulfill your prophecy for them? Maybe he is not lazy; but your thinking of him being lazy bones, makes him act like one. He is convinced that by playing lazy, he will get along with you and your expectations and make you happy. And this way, he will be happy too, because he is  no surprise to you,and thus need not to worry any more.

On the other hand, LABELS may prejudice us towards them. If you say that your child “is sensitive” , you will behave with more subtleness and sensitivity, without really bother to check if he is actually sensitive or it is your own conclusion. If you think that he “is just being so stubborn”, you may not notice that his reluctance to go to the gym is because there is some other kid who is teasing him

You can also look in your own adult life. When you go to ask for something from your “horrible boss”, do you really believe that he will be glad to hear your thoughts and ideas? Even if he hasn’t really ever mentioned something, your labeling him as “Horrible Boss” gives you a negative predisposition against him

It all starts with the mind. Try not to be biased; not to judge sentimentally and Listen. Listen to what the other has to say;it may not be what you had expected.Maybe your kid will be stubborn for something he wants Right NOW.That doesn’t mean he is stubborn and selfish ALL the time. Take time to reflect your thoughts. Are your conclusions objective? Perhaps you are missing some details to get the whole picture.

Don’t jump into swift  conclusions.

Look, Listen and Learn!

Do you use LABELS for your own children?

If yes, what are the most common?
Please,feel free to share your thoughts!

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