Tips and tricks for children’s teeth

As a dentist’s wife, I never really bothered about our children’s teeth; I always suppose the father(dentist) will teach the kids to wash their teeth and take care of teeth problems.

Until last week, that my daughter’s front tooth started moving, and my hubby didn’t want to miss with his child’s tooth. So, I tried to learn from him and from the internet basic things about kids teeth. I found a very interesting chart about baby teeth eruption as well as permanent teeth eruption and I want to share it with you:

Permanent Teeth Eruption Chart

Teething, as a developmental stage may be pleasing for parents and friends ( Oh look she’s having another tooth!), but can be annoying for the baby. Some become fussy, don’t sleep, don’t eat or may have more drool than usual.Baby gum gels can sooth the pain and relax the baby ( and the parent)

As soon as the teeth erupt, we should begin with cleaning them. Of course, if your child is under 3 years old, you must help him by holding his toothbrush, and use toothpaste about the size of a rice grain. For children older than 3 years old, the recommended size is a pea. My husband also suggests flossing, but as far as I am concerned, it’s still early ( let them do it themselves when they are capable…) 

Sweetened drinks like fruit juice (even those labeled 100% natural), soda and sports drinks can cause cavities, so be alert to wash their teeth afterward. On the contrary, water is “cavity-free” and  calorie free while sugary drinks also contribute to weight gain.

Here are some tips if your child experiences a common dental emergency :

  • If a tooth gets knocked up, keep it moist at all times. If you can, try placing the tooth in milk. Call your dentist right away.
  • For a cracked tooth, immediately rinse the mouth with warm water to clean the area. Put cold compresses on the face to keep any swelling down.
  • If your child bites his tongue or lip, clean the area gently and apply a cold compress.
  • For toothaches, rinse the mouth with warm water to clean it out. Gently use dental floss to remove any food caught between the teeth. Do not put aspirin on the aching tooth or gum tissues.
  • For objects stuck in the mouth, try to gently remove with floss but do not try to remove it with sharp or pointed instruments.

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