“It wasn’t me!” and other children’s lies


I just walked in the kitchen to find little J ,4 years old, with a broken cup in his hand; in fact the half of it- the other half was on the floor. “It wasn’t me!”, he said with a little angel’s face. What do you think had happened?

Every lie has its purpose.

And in every  lie lies a hidden message ,waiting to be decoded.

What can we do when our child lies ?

1) Don’t get mad !

Remember that a child often tells us what he thinks we want to listen. Maybe he wants to hear from us that sometimes it is ok to be wrong or do something unintentionally wrong.

2)Don’t punish the truth!

If he thinks that telling the truth leads to mommy being angry or his punishment, he will try to evoke to speak the truth.

3)Clean up the mess!

Focus on the action, not the story, We must make it right, and make the child understand to be more careful next time

4)Be a role-model yourself!

Maybe it’s allright to lie about Santa Claus (what do you really think?), but if you are a compulsive liar and the child see through you, it wil not be easy to teach him to tell the truth

5)Protect the feelings, but be honest.

«I know you are sad/unhappy because you broke the cup, but you must deal with the consequenses-clean up, buy another cup etc.

Do you think you can handle the truth? Or how else do you cope with their little – or bigger lies?

Comment your insights and share your experience!


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