#We stay at home-but not on the couch!..

Right now, we’re in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, and it will continue and change for a long time. While everyone across the globe is affected, it’s hitting people differently in different places. Countries are experiencing it at different times.The crisis affects individuals very differently, too; people’s fears and challenges vary dramatically. Wherever we are, we’re all so grateful for the healthcare workers and all the essential workers who are doing such important work, so courageously, during this time.

Here in Greece, the moto is #we stay at home, and things seem to be getting quite well.(comparing to other countries).Shops are closed, school remain closed without knowing for how long and children can get agitated from staying at home all the time. Of course, there is the distance-learning programs and platforms that are used to help the children to review their knowledge, and keep them a bit busy. Follow my link to my article about fun  things to do when staying at home  However, the truth is that they also need some physical exercise.

Of course, that also includes the parents, that must keep up with the children , try to keep them and themselves away from being near the refridgerator all the time .A consequence of that is that we can neglect ourselves at the expense of our family. So how do we continue to look after our own needs, especially exercise, when we have babies and young children? Could the answer be in getting them involved too?

Working out with toddlers: In this age kids are eager to jump up and down and mimic you and your exercises. Since long walks and running are forbidden, at least here in Greece, home exercise can substitute them. Floor exercises,such as sit-ups and crunchs as well as squats and sit-ups are a good start,and there are many videos in you-tube to help you create a routine. In any way, you get some time for yourself to  exercise, even if the kids don’t deliver perfect!

Working out with older children: Older school kids are more into exercise;they have learned it at school, they may be attending a gym or a sports club, so they are more self-aware of the process of exercising and may get more easily to a routine. You may not get them easily to get up from the couch and leave the electronic devices, but it is worth trying to insist and work out together.You can also read my article about screentime and internet limits here

If nothing of the above works, you make hit some 10-minute exercise video from the internet and work  out when the children sleep!

We are still waiting for the follow-up of the measures of the quarantine to inform us when we will be again free to go out and exercise. But I am optimist that everything will turn out fine, and slowly and steadily things will start again and all this situation will be a distant memory….

What about you? How are you spending these strange days?Share your ideas in the comment section!

Keep the spirits UP!

Happy Easter!



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